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Trans Global Logistics UK is a top provider of Container Shipping Services worldwide. We are proud to provide services that are not only cost effective, but also of the highest quality. During the 30 years in business, we have developed a reputation for our high level of customer service care and gained our customers’ trust by being transparent about the cost. You can rely on us to help you to achieve your shipping goals and trust us there will be no hidden fees.

We utilise all types of containers for shipping many different cargoes.

We send containers worldwide to places such as Chile – Argentina – USA – Hong Kong – India – Africa and many, many more, we can also arrange the import of the same into UK & Europe.

Container Shipping is one of the most convenient ways to ship your vehicle, machinery, freight  from point A to point B. Request Your Quote now or Contact us if you have any questions – we will be more than happy to help!

We can even purchase containers for you and ship on your behalf as SOC’s (Shipper Owned Containers).

What are the steps of shipping containers with TGLOG

Quotation stage

We work with you to find the most competitive way to ship your container, and the right container for the right cargo, this can be in standard 20ft or 40ft, flat racks, open top and other specialised equipment.

Operational arrangements

A client will place an order with us – Trans Global Logistics UK – and we will work to arrange for transport from the client’s location to our offices, depending on where these locations are, shipping containers might be needed.

It’s maybe necessary to ground the container for loading – especially if it’s a vehicle or machinery, which we can arrange with a side loader (see pictures), for other cargo loading we check if you have a loading dock or ramp, or we use our own container loading facilities in Southampton, Felixstowe and Liverpool, where our skilled teams will load, stow & lash vehicles & machinery into containers and delivery directly to port.


We are responsible for finding the best route from point A to point B. This could be the most economical or the fastest route depending on our client’s needs. Either way, the next step in the journey of a container shipping is usually to be loaded onto a vessel that will carry it to the destination country. Once the vessel is loaded with your container, we keep track of it and when arrived give you a pre-advice, and arrange for our agents to clear and delivery the container


Include Year, Make, and Model for all boats, vehicles, motorhomes, trailers, and high & heavy equipment. Add dimensions, height, length, and width as well as Kilograms or mass.
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