Japan vehicle sourcing

We source ‘’Japanese Cars’’ direct from Japan, Ship and Register them in the UK. Trans Global Logistics UK Ltd can source your ideal car direct from Japan New & Used Vehicles.
We cater for Dealerships, Cars Sales Showrooms, and Individuals!
We offer Buyers a comprehensive Sourcing Service where the Vehicle(s) of your choice is/are ‘’ Sourced, Checked& Sent ‘’ to you.
We can source vehicle from a Mitsubishi GTO, Toyota Supra Mk4, Nissan GTR to A New Toyota Prius We also source Vans, Pick-ups And Small (Mini)trucks.
We inspect all our vehicles and give you a full report in order that you know what you are purchasing. The quotation will be for the Sourcing – Purchase of the Vehicle – Shipping to the UK/EU Port, Clearance, Transportation and Registration (UK only).
Our defining USP against all other is the fact that our inspectors check the vehicle/s in-person before bidding. We make sure that our customers can buy with a clear understanding of the car’s condition from abroad.
Whether you’re looking to stock a dealer lot, broker a special model, or find your own personal import, we can help you get the right car for your needs. Feel free to let us know if you look for something specific so we can do a customs search to help you find the right car.
The vehicle will be delivered to your showroom or home addressfully registered and ready to go (not including insurance). We can also arrange for Auction Bids and Shipment of Multiple Vehicles.


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