Concierge services, how does it work?

If you want something done right… you don’t have to do it yourself. Our Concierge Service is designed to save you time and worry.

Vehicle Concierge Service

We can arrange to have your own vehicle collected from Airport, Hotel or a Yacht and delivered to your house, apartment, villa, or any other address that you determine. It can be done either through a trusted trained insured driver, or on a dedicated trailer either open or enclosed. The whole process is determined by your schedule and is designed to meet your needs. This service operates throughout the UK & EU.

Re-registration of Vehicles

Our exceptional concierge service allows us to re-register your vehicle into the UK, with standard or personalised plates, and make the whole process as seamless as possible, if you are locating to the UK.

Hotel to Worldwide

We can collect your car from your house or a Hotel and Airfreight it back to any location Worldwide, with temporary customs so that you can drive the car in the most beautiful locations and fly it back home

Yacht Concierge Service

If you own a yacht and need it moving, we can collect it from the water – and move it to any location (e.g., Caribbean to Spain) so that you can enjoy your Yacht in another location in the World and simply take a flight.

Classic Car Service

Our Concierge Service involves Classic Car shipment. You can now ship Your classic car for holidays or for business so that it’s there for your use.



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