Landrover shipping

At Trans Global Logistics UK we ship Land Rovers a weekly basis all over the World!

There are however many considerations you must contemplate before shipping Your Land Rover anywhere.

Our Top 10 recommendations:

  1. Check that the V5 has been updated with any changes, especially chassis and engine.
  2. When you purchase a Land Rover make sure that there have been no modifications made (especially if the vehicle is going to USA).
  3. Check the rules for the country you are shipping to – we can assist you with this, if necessary, check the age of which will determine the admissibility.
  4. Check all parts are genuine.
  5. Check that the vehicle has not had a chassis change or an engine change that is not compatible with the model.
  6. Trans Global Logistics UK offers a pre-check service for an additional £100 where we check the chassis and engine number configuration, this will not determine admissibility but will determine if the vehicle has the correct chassis or engine for the model concerned.
  7. We can also do specific legal checks/advise before exporting the vehicle to any USA destination, this process is done through an independent lawyer in USA and priced independently through their offices.
  8. For ex-Military Land Rovers Shipment there are many checks regarding the de-militarization process that need to be checked beforehand. Otherwise, the vehicle may get seized by UK customs authorities.
  9. It is advisable prior to purchase that many of the above items are checked, especially if you wish to ship the vehicle to USA, where import regulations are extremely strict.
  10. Our advice prior purchasing a Land Rover for shipping is to seek professional advice before you make a purchase.


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