Preparing to Export – Customs Clearance

When you are preparing to export goods, you must ensure that you take a number of steps to prevent hold us or ‘issues’ when the goods are in transit, always seek advice from your customs clearance agent when you’re planning to export goods.
There is a list of factors which you need to consider when preparing to export, your customs clearance agent may ask you for the following information.
• The price of the goods – your customs clearance agent will need to declare this on the export customs clearance.
• The mode of transport in which the goods are being transported and the routing they will take.
• You must have established which Inco Term is suitable for the shipment, if you are unfamiliar with Inco Terms, your customs clearance agent will be able to best advise you, depending on the circumstances of the shipment.
• Destination requirements – For example, if the goods you’re exporting have a restriction in place at the destination they’re being shipped to. Again your customs clearance agent will be able to advise you if there are any restrictions in place.
• Are the goods classed as hazardous or dangerous.
• Do the goods require special instructions for handling or packaging. For example, if they are fragile goods and need to be handled with care or kept upright.
• Who is the supplier or seller of the goods.
• The payment terms of the shipment, this will also help to determine the Inco Terms of the shipment.
Your customs clearance agent will also ask you for the following paperwork to process the customs clearance.
• The Commercial Invoice or Bill of Sale.
• Packing List.
• Supporting documents for preference – For example if there is a preference rate of duty between the country of origin and country of destination. Your customs clearance agent can advise you if you’re not sure if this is applicable.
• Certificate of Origin – To confirm the country of manufacture of the goods.

Once you have discussed the above with your customs clearance agent and freight forwarder, you will be able to proceed with shipment. It is always important to make sure you have the above in order before booking any sort of shipment to avoid delays or issues during the shipment.

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