IMPORT MY CAR from Hong Kong

105,000 Hongkongers start new lives in UK since BN(O) visa scheme began 2 years ago

The United Kingdom recorded 1,200 applicants under the extended scheme from November 30, 2022 till the end of December that year, the Post found from data retrieved from a Freedom of Information request, a right under British law allowing any individual to ask for details held by the public sector.

When you decide to SHIP MY CAR from Hong Kong with your household good movements to the United Kingdom you can arrange in many ways:

  1. Ask your agent in HONG KONG for a quote for Household goods unpacking & Delivery and ask to have the vehicle shipped separately
  2. When you SHIP A CAR as personal vehicles they can be shipped separately in 20ft & 40ft containers individual or consolidated
  3. An Agent in UK will Arrange clearance and delivery of the individual vehicles to their owner’s address after they have cleared customs, which if you have a TOR (Transfer of Residence) you will be free of tax & Duty
  4. When you SHIP A CAR from HONG KONG to UK there are Registration services when the vehicle arrives in UK (IVA testing/Mot Testing/ KM to Miles modifications etc) which you can ask the UK agent to arrange
  5. The agent will arrange VEHICLE TRANSPORT of the vehicle to the owners address after the registration and new plates.

Our UK services will strip the container on arrival at either Southampton, Felixstowe or London Gateway where we have our personalised services, the vehicles if required can then be moved to our secure bonded facility at Mildenhall Suffolk for registration processing.

What are the benefits when you IMPORT MY CAR : Safety of the vehicle in the container, Speed of arrival into UK, Insured, Trustworthy team of people.

You can add additional services when you SHIP A CAR from Hong Kong, as ALL vehicles arriving in UK must pass UK Government test prior to being able to drive on UK roads, the package we offer take all the stress from you and deliver the newly plated vehicle to your door.

Please contact me for any further information and pricing

Contact: Alessandra +44 7833410281 /

Trans Global Logistics Uk Ltd -Field Road Mildenhall Suffolk UK IP28 7AL

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