Ship a CAR from JAPAN

To source, buy and ship a car from Japan is involves various costs, including vehicle purchase, costs of shipping and related Japanese terminal port costs. Services and costs can vary depending on what type of agreement you have to ship a car to the UK or to ship a car to any other international destinations and several factors, such as the port of departure, the type of vehicle, and the shipping method needs to be all taken in consideration when ship a car.
Here’s a lists of typical terminal port terms explained and that you may encounter when ship a car.

Port Handling Charges
Fees for handling the vehicle at the port, including loading and unloading from the ship.
Charges vary depending on the port and the size/type of the vehicle.

Customs Clearance Fees

Fees for processing the vehicle through customs, including documentation and inspection.
This can also include fees for the services of a customs broker if used.

Storage Fees

If the vehicle is stored at the port for an extended period before being shipped, storage fees may apply.
These fees are typically charged on a daily basis.

Wharfage Fees

A fee charged by the port authority for the use of the wharf facilities during loading and unloading

Documentation Fees

Fees for preparing and processing shipping documents, such as the Bill of Lading (BOL).

Security Fees

Charges for port security services, which may include vehicle inspections and surveillance.

Inspection Fees

Costs associated with any mandatory inspections, such as quarantine or environmental inspections.
Reducing Terminal Port Costs
Efficient Scheduling: Avoid unnecessary storage fees by scheduling the shipment to minimize waiting times at the port.
Combine Services: Some shipping companies offer package deals that include port handling, customs clearance, and documentation at a reduced rate.
Use a Customs Broker: While there is a cost associated with using a customs broker, they can streamline the process and potentially save you money by avoiding delays and errors.
Choose the Right Port: Different ports may have different fee structures. Researching and choosing a port with lower fees can reduce overall costs.
When ship a car from Japan, it’s important to budget for terminal port costs in addition to the main shipping fees and the destination landing costs as these costs can vary and it is very important when ship a car to obtain a detailed quote from the shipping companies, asking about all potential charges is essential.

Proper planning and using experienced shipping and customs professionals such Trans Global Logistics UK Limited it is vital to secure that your shipment is fully look after and that you are aware of all costs in advance.

Trans Global Logistics UK Limited can help minimize these costs and ensure a smooth shipping process.
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