When considering options to SHIP A CAR in particular a Classic Mini to the United States, there are two options 1) RORO which is the most affordable and 2) Containers which we would recommend as this keeps the vehicle safe and secure. The cost differential must be considered with both these forms of shipping.


To SHIP A CAR particularly a Classic Mini to the USA there are a few things that you need to be aware of before you ship.

  1. The vehicle must be 25 years old at the time of shipping, with no modifications i.e., galvanized chassis. If any modifications are done and these aren’t disclosed this might result in having the vehicle seized at the Port and you may be required to have the vehicle Exported back to the UK or origin country of shipping. as this will not be custom cleared and this will be at the shippers expensive. So having the necessary check is extremely important but we can help with any questions or query that you might have. Any modifications can be an issues so its worthwhile checking before shipping.
  2. You can get your vehicle Authenticated and get a Commodity Letter from a reputable garage; this will ensure that it is 100% genuine.
  3. With any classic vehicles they might leak oil, but we can still ship if this is only minimal. The vehicle must be in good working order ship via RO-RO; however, we can ship, but we must make the Shipping line aware prior to sailing especially if it requires towing on board. The alternative is to ship via a container.
  4. To SHIP A CAR CLASSIC MINI it will need to be cleaned to a very good standard, with only 1/8 -1/4 of fuel The vehicle must have no personal belongings, no car parts, no children seats, and anything left in the vehicle is the responsibility of the shipper Trans Global will not take any responsibility for any missing items. The Must have at least 6-inches ground clearance otherwise the under carriage may get damaged.  
  5. SHIP A CAR can be managed too many Ports in the USA from the UK, using ZIP codes the shipping can be done to the nearest port and then VEHICLE TRANSPORT can be made to the final destination.
  6. When shipping your Classic MINI there are many additional services. VEHICLE TRANSPORT which is collection from a UK address and delivery to the to the UK Port, USA transport, collection from the Port in the USA and delivery straight to your door.
  7. Marine Insurance can also be provided and the cost is based on the current value of the vehicle.

Please be advised that there are some additional charges that will be payable on arrival, these are normally invoiced by the USA agent directly Duty:   2.5% of the value of the vehicle (for vehicles which were built primarily for transport of people, such as sedan or SUV)
                                                                                           25% of the value of the vehicle ( for vehicles which were built primary for transport of goods, such as cargo vans or pick-up trucks, etc)

Harbour maintenance Fee:                                          0.125% of the value of the vehicle.

Maintenance Processing Fee:                                     0.3464% of the vehicle.


On ports in US may appear escort charge if vehicle pick up by costumer which is not included in above price.

Your vehicle must meet the U.S. EPA and DOT specifications or regulations.  If not, special arrangements must be made. It is shipper’s/ owner’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicle complies with customs regulations in the countries of origin and destination.

Our office is a one stop shop! we do everything from UK Customs, all paperwork, vehicle inspection, booking of the vessel, arranging Transport, invoicing and we have our own offices in the USA that will custom clear your vehicle and arrange for it to be delivered to your USA address if required.

For a free quote or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 01638515714 or .

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