When considering options to SHIP A CAR TO SPAIN, there are SEVERAL options 1) RORO which is the most affordable and 2) MULTI TRAILER 3) DEDICATED TRAILER. The cost differential must be considered with ALL these forms of shipping.

To SHIP A CAR TO SPAIN there are a few things that you need to be aware of before you ship.

  1. The vehicle must be FULLY OPERATIONAL
  2. You should decide on the most cost-effective way to transport based on the TRANSIT TIME vs COST; RORO will take longer but will cost less that a dedicated trailer which will take 3 days from the UK to a destination in Spain.
  3. Destinations in SPAIN such as Barcelona or Valencia are best served by RORO as the cost for a VEHICLE TRANSPORT will be high due to the distances involved.
  4. Compare the costs and the benefits before shipping or using VEHICLE TRANSPORT
  5. When you SHIP A CAR to SPAIN decide whether its is Permanent export or Temporary (Tourist), for Tourist from UK the vehicle has a specific period that it can stay in Italy before it must return to UK, if the vehicle goes over that period expect fines.
  6. With any classic vehicles, vintage vehicles or Super Cars it may be better to choose a VEHICLE TRANSPORT that is enclosed which protect the vehicle during transit
  7. To SHIP A CAR with RORO it will need to be cleaned to a very good standard, with only 1/8 -1/4 of fuel The vehicle must have no personal belongings, no car parts, no children seats, and anything left in the vehicle is the responsibility of the shipper Trans Global Logistics will not take any responsibility for any missing items. The Must have at least 6-inches ground clearance otherwise the under carriage may get damaged.  
  8. SHIP A CAR to Spain from the UK using RORO, the shipping can be done to the nearest port, BILBAO, SANTANDER, VALENCIA 7 BARCELONA are the main ports served by RORO and then VEHICLE TRANSPORT can be made to the final destination.
  9. When you decide to SHIP A CAR to SPAIN, there are many additional services, that should be considered such as Customs Clearance especially after BREXIT. Insurance for Vehicle Transport, and Marine Insurance for RORO shipping

Our office is a one stop shop! we do everything from UK Customs, all paperwork, vehicle inspection, booking of the vessel, arranging Transport. Our agents in Italy will custom clear your vehicle and arrange for it to be delivered to your address if required.

For a free quote or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 01638515714 or .

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