Trade Remedies and their role during Customs Clearance procedures

Trade Remedies, also known as Anti-Dumping Duty, is a duty which is charged as well as the normal customs duty on import into the UK and applies across the UK and the EU.
‘Dumping’ of goods is enforced by the UK Government on imports of some products which are believed to be priced below reasonable value. The idea of Anti-Dumping Duty is to deter importers and exporters from shipping counter fit goods.
When you are planning to import goods into the UK, your customs clearance agent UK will be able to provide guidance on Anti-Dumping Duties and if they will apply to your import when the goods arrive for customs clearance.
Your customs clearance agent UK will need to know the Commodity Code and where the goods are being exported from, from there, they will then be able to locate the duty rating on the UK Trade Tariff. Anti-Dumping Duties are commodity specific, therefore your customs clearance agent UK will check the Duty and Anti-Dumping Duty – if applicable to your commodity.
If the exporter is a registered company, they will have an individual 4 digit code which will be imputed on the import declaration for a reduced rate of Anti-Dumping Duty, so will also need to advise your customs clearance agent UK if the exporter is registered and provide them with this code, this will then be added to the commodity code when your customs clearance agent UK completes the import declaration.

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