What is RoRo Shipping?

A green short-range cargo boat with cars driven into position and secured.

RORO is one of the most popular methods when shipping a vehicle overseas, but do you know what it consists of? 


RORO shipping rates make it an appealing option for vehicle delivery, yet it may not be ideal for each circumstance. As a Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC) and cargo forwarder, we can assist you with understanding your delivery choices. With over 30 years of experience, we’ll explain the differences between shipping methods and help you orchestrate a customized shipping process tailored to meet your needs.


RORO shipping or “roll on, roll off”, is one of the most popular vehicle shipping methods. Think of RORO as a  moving parking garage on water. It consists of driving a vehicle onto a ship and securing it to the deck. Once the ship arrives at its destination, vehicles are driven off the ship the same way they were loaded. RORO shipping typically takes around a month to get to its destination.   


RORO shipping starts the same way as other shipping options. You will first request a free quote– and our experts will help determine the right fit for you. RORO shipping is usually one of the most affordable options for shipping your vehicle abroad. It may be slightly more expensive  than using  consolidated shipping containers where several vehicles are shipped in a single container. 

If RORO is the right method for you, the process begins by delivering your vehicle to the port. We can arrange to pick your vehicle up or you can opt to do this step yourself. Your vehicle then stays in the parking lot until it’s time load. Your vehicle will then be driven onto the ship and secured by braces and straps to keep it from moving.

RORO shipping is extremely safe, even in severe weather. Once your vehicle arrives, it is driven off of the ship and into the parking lot at the destination. Once it has arrived, you can opt to pick it up or Trans Global Logistics UK can arrange to have it moved to your final destination.  


Pricing and convenience is what sets RORO shipping apart- but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Speed: If you need your vehicle fast then your best bet is container shipping or air freight.  .
  • Insurance: When a vehicle is shipped via RORO- no inspection is needed before the car is loaded. You may insure your vehicle against a total loss but minor damages such as dings and scratches cannot be insured. 
  • Clearing Out Your Vehicle:  In order to ship RORO, your vehicle must be completely cleaned out- meaning no personal items may be left inside. 

Long range cargo ships for the transport of freight.


No matter if RORO shipping is the right method for you, our experienced professionals are here to tailor your experience to fit your needs. We offer several options, including door-to-door shipping to get your vehicle from Point A to Point B in the most convenient way. 


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