1968 Mustang Coupe: A 30+ Year Journey Around the World

1968 Mustang Coupe: A 30+ Year
Journey Around the World

If Matt Ramstack’s ‘68 Mustang could talk, it would definitely have an interesting story to share. Ramstack first bought his pride and joy back in 1986. He purchased the car in Colorado and drove it daily while attending high school. He continued driving the car daily through University and his first job in 1998. The stunning gold Mustang remains with Ramstack to this day, and the two have seen their fair share of the world. Ramstack has taken his car with him to Northern California, Alabama, Northern Virginia, and finally landed in the U.K.

Throughout the years, Ramstack has put  work into maintaining the Mustang while never taking away from the original, pristine design. He replaced the engine in 1997 with an identical one (289 cu. in, 4.7 L) to convert to unleaded petrol. 

The Mustang has had a few paint jobs, some body work, and has a completely refurbished interior. The interior itself is quite rate, as only 9-thousand 1968 Mustang Coupes feature the deluxe interior equipped with woodgrain finishes, updated door cards, and an overhead console with map lights. 

Ramstack’s photos reveal just how well the Mustang has been maintained and cared for. The journey is not over for 1968 Coupe. Ramstack has enlisted the help of Trans Global UK to ship the Mustang from Mildenhall back to the states.  

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