PCS Guide for Shipping Your Vehicle

When being assigned to a new duty post, bringing your vehicle makes the transition a little easier. Your vehicle not only helps you with transportation but feels like home in a foreign country. Transporting your vehicle can seem confusing or overwhelming to say the least, that’s why Trans Global Logistics UK has spent the last 30-years perfecting the art of military transport.

PCSing With Vehicles

United States Military members are typically allowed to ship one vehicle at the expense of the military. The cost of shipping a second vehicle is not covered and is the responsibility of the owner. When shipping a second vehicle, count on us to provide a hassle-free moving plan tailored to fit your specific needs.

Transport Types

The method of transport you select depends on your timeline, budget, and destination.

  • Ground Transport – Most commonly seen for military car transport within CONUS or European duty stations. The method involves moving vehicles via transport trailer to the destination. This option is also popular for those who need to transport a vehicle to the port for shipment.
  • Air Transport – Air freight is the most expensive yet quickest option available.  
  • Ocean Transport – For international moves, RORO and container shipping are the most common options available.
A container ship often used for shipping military POVs to overseas duty locations.

Preparing Your Vehicle

In order to ship your vehicle, you’ll need to make sure it complies with certain standards, just as it would traveling through Army POV shipping ports.

  • All non-factory installed accessories or personal items must be removed. This includes all removable additions such as GPS. If shipping RORO, no personal items are allowed. License plates must also be removed and carried with you.
  • Must have ¼ tank of fuel or less. Prior to shipping, make sure your vehicle has under a quarter of a tank of gas..
  • Must be in a safe operating condition. Make sure your parking brake works and that all recalls have been fixed and documented through the manufacturer.
  • The entire vehicle must be cleaned inside and out. Vehicles must pass inspection to be imported/exported. Owners are required to clean the inside and out of the car removing all dirt, debris, and personal items.
  • Keys for all parts of the vehicle must be available. If your vehicle requires keys to access the trunk, hood, glove box, etc., then you will need to provide inspectors will all of the keys including for the wheel locks.
  • Required Documentation Trans Global Logistics UK LTD will help you with every step of the paper work. To ship your vehicle, you will need the title or notarized authorization from the lienholder, inspection forms, duty orders, and certified powers of attorney allowing your agent to ship and receive a vehicle in your name.

Getting Ready for PCS with Military Vehicle Transport

Contact Trans Global Auto Logistics UK LTD to begin the quote process for your vehicle. With over 30 years of experience, our specialists can help guide you through the process of making sure your vehicle is ready to transfer when the time comes to move.

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