Black Betty: An American Classic Car Dream Comes True




Fernando Cortez
Black Betty/ True Gents Barbers 💈


Everything started a number of years ago with a little spark for the American culture through the music I listen to, my sense of fashion (if you can call it that) and a number of other things that a typical middle class South American kid growing up in the in the 90’s back home would have done. On my 40th birthday in 2019, I had the chance to drive a classic Buick V8 in Los Angeles, the place I had always loved from afar.  Fast forward to 2020, and I found myself in one of the most challenging moments of my life; facing a global pandemic and lockdowns, a problem that significantly impacted my family, business and personal life.

Then my luck changed.  After years of searching for the perfect American classic, I came across  what I call “Black Betty.”  She is a 1955 first series matte black Chevy Truck 3100. Her interior has been reconditioned to excellent condition, the body work is pristine, and she boasts a running engine! In a nutshell, she is full of character and a real key turner.  I immediately messaged the seller based in Massachusetts to seal the deal and  placed a deposit. He sent me photos during every step of the process, from driving her around to show that she was running well– to loading her up in the back of a recovery truck to San Diego, where she was shipped to the UK. He then gave me an estimate of 4-6 weeks, and those weeks dragged.


Then on the most unexpected day, I received special delivery in the post. With my lack of experience, I immediately phoned Southampton docks to look for it. They didn’t want talk and asked me to contact my agent.  At that point I felt hopeless. Then on one beautiful autumn morning, I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed the phoned and spoke to the shipping company in the U.S. They referred me to Pieter at Trans Global Auto Logistics.   After speaking to Pieter on the phone I could finally relax. He put my head at rest and started working in a matter of a day, if not hours. The Trans Global team is extremely efficient and helpful.  Black Betty was finally delivered to my shop. It was almost emotional, a dream coming true, and every man’s motor desire. Even the chap that brought the vehicle confessed that he would consider selling his personal vehicle to get an American classic! From that moment, I started to understand that owning a historic car is more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle!

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