Getting your car ready for your first classic car show?

Here’s some tips you should know from before you leave your home to after your classic car is transported to the car show and ready for the thousands of people to admire it.

So, you’ve entered your first classic car show!

First thing you need to do is make sure your car is clean. You really want to make sure every single inch of the car is sparkling. We suggest starting with engine cleaning and then clean the wheels. The reasoning behind this is – any dirt or grime that ends up on the car gets washed off later when you clean the full exterior. You’ll want to spend some time really waxing the exterior of your vehicle. We recommend doing so in the shade – this way there will be no streaks from the wax drying too quickly.

Don’t forget about the cleaning the interior of your classic. We recommend using special car cleaning products instead of regular cleaning supplies. Detail is everything so you want to go as far as using Q-tips to clean the hard-to-reach places. A good tip is to take some cleaning supplies to the classic car show with you. This way you can wipe off any fingerprints that potential buyers might leave while admiring your classic. This is called detailing your car and it’s extremely important for every classic car show.

How do you transport your car to a classic car show?

Professional vehicle delivery is crucial. Finding a company that offers car transport services is a part of the classic car show process. You want to make sure the company you choose to deliver your classic car will take care of it in the smallest detail and give you a peace of mind. Make sure you research the company beforehand and request a quote through their Quote Request Form. If you’re happy with the quote and company – you should book it ASAP. This way there will be no surprises on the day of the show.


Make sure you know everything about your car!

The second most important thing on any car shows – right after all the beautiful looking classics – is the information about your vehicle that you provide to others. You have maintained your classic, made sure everything is working and the vehicle is sparkling clean… You have done the work, now feel free to show it off! One of the best tips we can share is to make a detailed poster including all the modification that have been done to the vehicle. Be proud of the work that you put into the classic. Make sure all the necessary information is available and accessible to everyone, including curious show attendees, potential buyers, and the show’s judges.


Great news! Now you’re all set for the day!

Luckily, our classic car transport services are one of our specialties at Trans Global Logistics UK. All you need to do is Request Quote and let our Agents take care of the rest. Now let’s get this show started! Good luck and remember to have fun!

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