Customs Warehousing

A customs warehouse allows traders to store goods with duty or import VAT payments suspended, once the goods leave the warehouse all duty and VAT must be paid, with the exception they are going to be re-exported or move to another customs regime, you will need to inform your customs clearance agent UK of this before you remove the goods from the customs warehouse to the appropriate customs clearance process is followed.
If you advise your customs clearance agent UK that goods fit any of the below, they will advise you on the process of putting them into a customs warehouse and the relevant procedures for this.
• You don’t know the final destination of your goods when they arrive in the UK.
• Your import license or paperwork has been delayed.
• You’re waiting for a duty-relief quota to become available for your goods.
• You want to use a different customs clearance procedure.
There are many benefits of using a customs warehouse, especially if you’re a large retailer or business. Ask your customs clearance agent UK about the benefits of using a customs warehouse to get full explanation of the following benefits and more information on other benefits they may have for your needs.
• There is no time limit on how long your goods can be held in a customs warehouse, and when you decide to remove the goods, you have the option to remove them in the quantities which are appropriate for your requirements.
• The suspended payment of import VAT and duty allow cash flow for businesses, you can bring in large quantities of goods, even if you don’t yet know the predicted sales of the goods, and if you don’t sell them, you have the option to re-export them without ever having to pay the import VAT and duty.
• Customs warehouses are usually based near ports for easy access on arrival into the UK.
• If you’re importing restricted goods which require a great deal more paperwork and legal formalities, the customs warehouse allows you to store the goods until you’re able to retain all the required documents and paperwork. However, there is a time limit on storing restricted goods, which is up to 5 years.
You also must ensure to ask your customs clearance agent UK about the restrictions which apply to customs warehousing. For example, you cannot change the state of goods, or have work carried out on the goods when they are in the customs warehouse.

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