Import Licensing – Customs Clearance

When you’re preparing to import goods into the UK, its always important to check with your customs clearance agent if your goods require an import license.
There are a wide range of systems in place to ensure that only acceptable goods are imported into the UK, which your customs clearance agent will be able to provide information on, depending on the type of goods you’re looking to import.
Import licenses are designed to protect industries within the UK, and implement trade policies. It also helps us to understand trends in the market and control the health and safety of goods which are being brought into the country.
If your customs clearance agent advises you that your goods will require an import license before they can be shipped to the UK, you will need to make an application via the Import Case Management System. To be able to submit an application you need to ensure you have the following:
• Full product and good description details
• The commodity code for the goods
• Confirmation of the country of origin
• Confirmation of the country of consignment
The quantity of the goods you’re looking to ship

Your customs clearance agent will direct you to to apply for the import licence.
There are a wide range of goods which may require an import license as they are controlled products. Your customs clearance agent will be able to advise on the goods which are liable for import licences, however you can also check on the UK Trade Tariff on the GOV.UK website using the commodity code for the goods, you will be able to find out what is required for different commodities for import.
Some examples of controlled goods include:
• Textiles and clothing
• Iron and steel
• Nuclear materials
• Firearms
• Explosives
• Ammunition
• Plants
• Wine

There are different departments which will issue import licensing, but your customs clearance agent will be adle to advise which department will handle this for you.

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