Goods Classification for Customs Clearance Procedures

When preparing to complete any form of customs clearance, classification of the goods is a crucial part of the process. If you do not classify the goods correctly, you could be liable for penalties as you could under pay in taxes and duties when completing the customs clearance declaration.
To ensure you classify your goods correctly for customs clearance, you can use the UK Trade Tariff, which can be found on the GOV UK website, which covers 98 chapters which each contain different types of products and their description.
The Tariff is straightforward to use, however, if you’re struggling to find the correct description your goods, you might need to use different wording in the search engine.
Using the three W’s is a good place to start. What is it? What does it do? What is it made from?
Using these prompts should lead you to the suitable heading of the UK Trade Tariff, from there, you should then be able to select the correct commodity for the customs clearance process.
Once you have found the right classification of the goods, you will then be able to see the commodity code for your goods, which will be required to complete the customs clearance declaration. You will also be able to see the rates for VAT and duty that will be applicable to your commodity.
If you still are not sure on the correct classification of your goods from the UK Trade Tariff, you can email for advice and guidance on the classification of your for customs clearance.
There is also something called Advance Tariff Ruling (ATaR), this is used when a sample of the goods is provided and requires a full specification, therefore customs will allocate an advance tariff ruling which is also known as a Binding Tariff Information decision (BTI).
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