Import my Car from India to UK – Testimonials

When import my car from India to Uk I decided that container Shipping was the best solution for me.
My shipping company – Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited provided me with great support and information about how to import my car in the UK.
Importing vehicles from India to the UK is not simple as it could get very expensive, and it is quite a laborious process. With Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited, an experienced international vehicle transport supplier, all the stress was taken away allowing me to concentrate in the rest of my move such household goods and family! So lots to do!
I decided to import my car via container shipping which provided additional protection especially for my new car.
To import my car Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited ensured it was in good condition for the journey. They informed me that to import my car without issue I had to clean it thoroughly and remove any personal belongings and document any existing damage for insurance purposes.
Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited also provided me with huge support in understanding the Customs Clearances Regulations in the UK with listing all need information such understanding import duties, taxes, and any specific requirements.
They provided me also with support in purchasing shipping insurance to cover any potential damage during transit.
Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited helped me to stay in touch with all updates while import my car , pay any applicable import duties, taxes, and fees associated with customs clearance in the UK.
Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited also provide to import my car with a peace of mind as they provided me with VCR (vehicle condition report at all stages) to ensure meeting all local safety and environmental standards.
Upon release of all customs to complete the process of import my car Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited also support me with the Vehicle Registration in the UK as my car was new and never been registered in the UK before so they follow for me the registration process with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and the standard agency to provide me with full registration and vehicle new plates and licence.
Overall, a great deal of support and knowledge has made me confident to import my car with a seamless process.
Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited, international Shipping & Logistics company with 30 years of experience, will be able to offers several services for your Vehicle Transport / Customs Clearance/ Import and UK Vehicle Registration to confidently support your Car shipping, Import and transport to the UK.
Contact us at Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited – –
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