Heavy Machinery Shipping Explained

With the help of modern technology, Heavy Machinery Shipping is easier than ever. Now shipping is as easy as sending us an email. Speak to our Customer Service Agents at Trans Global today and let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

As specialists in International Shipping, we know how to get the best and quickest results when shipping Heavy Equipment. The circumstances differ with every customer so it’s crucial to understand the foundation of the process of shipping heavy machinery, the methods used and the laws surrounding this type of transportation.

To make sure your Heavy Machinery Transport goes as planned it’s important to read the following guide to learn about the transportation process from the inside and follow the steps to ensure everything goes smoothly.


How to prepare heavy machinery for international transport? It’s important to remember that you are responsible for taking necessary precautions and failure to do so can increase the risk of accidents, injuries, and delays. Following the below steps can ensure your shipment will be secure during the transportation.


You need to make sure there are no fluids, (this is especially important for fuel).
Secure all loose parts and tools.

Make sure you have disconnected all batteries and alarm systems.

Cover any open areas. This is especially important for open-air shipping.

Check if there’s enough space around the machinery for us to retrieve it safely. The shipping might be delayed if there is not enough space.



‘What are the options available for such a complex shipment?’ might not be a question that keeps you up all night, but knowing the answer is an important part of the process. The best shipping option depends on many factors such as what items are being shipped, the origin and destination of the shipment and even the time frame. Please keep in mind that some shipments require a combination of different shipping methods.


Trans Global Logistics UK Ltd offers the following International Shipping Options for Heavy Machinery and Equipment:

Container Shipping is the most popular option for many international transports; it’s when the equipment is loaded and transported in an enclosed container. The loaded containers are stacked onto the deck of the ship and transported to their destination; they are later unloaded using a crane.

Flat rack is used when the heavy machinery can’t be driven onto the vessel. In this case it would be loaded onto a rack that is then stacked on top of others on the ship. The racks have limited dimension, and it might be necessary to disassemble the machinery.

Roll-On Roll-Off also known as RORO involves simply driving the machinery onto the transporting ship and then off once it arrives at its destination. This can’t be used for machinery that is not self-propelled and has no wheels or treads.


Transporting Heavy Machinery is a complex process. Trans Global Logistics has over 30+ years of experience shipping heavy machinery and equipment which makes us experts in the industry. Reach out to us for more information and book your shipment today!

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