How can I import my car from Gibraltar to the UK

How can I import my car from Gibraltar to the UK?

Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited is here to help as import a car involves several steps and requirements may vary, and it’s essential to check with the relevant authorities and follow the most up-to-date regulations and our team at Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited is able to offer professional shipping or import/export assistance services to ensure a smooth process.

To start we will check eligibility ensuring that your car meets UK standards for emissions, safety, and other regulatory requirements.

Then we will check the Vehicle Documentation, gather all necessary documents, including the car’s title, registration, and any relevant customs documentation and where applicable also we will obtain a European Certificate of Conformity (COC) if available.

Our Expert Team can also assist you with Customs Clearance and Declaration by completing a customs declaration for importing the vehicle. You may need to pay customs duties and VAT (Value Added Tax).

Indeed…  VAT and Duty are something that any owner of a vehicle may forget to take in the shipping costs consideration. VAT and duty are applicable to certain vehicles and its import circumstances. The rates may vary based on the value of the vehicle and other factors.

How Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited import my car?

We will notify UK Customs authorities of the arrival of your vehicle however you will need to provide advance notice and documentation to them especially if you move residency to the UK.

We will choose a shipping method to transport your car in the best way possible and with several options such container shipping, roll-on/roll-off (RoRo), or other options.

We will look after your Import Documentation and Shipping Documentation including the Bill of Lading and any other paperwork provided by the shipping company. If you choose us for the whole shipment, we will also look after all export documents from your own country to the import in the UK.

Finally, we will make sure that your vehicle will meet UK Vehicle Approval ensuring your vehicle complies with UK standards.

What else do I need to know when I Import my car?

Please note that is possible that your vehicle will need modifications to meet these standards but we will look after that by arranging the necessary vehicle inspections and approvals to fully have a successful Vehicle Registration process as once your car arrives in the UK, we make sure the mandatory Ministry of Transport (MOT) tests to ensure your vehicle meets UK roadworthiness standards are met prior register it with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).We will also pay any vehicle ROAD tax and obtain UK license plates for you.

In conclusion …prior import a car to the UK please check any additional regulations or requirements specific to export from Gibraltar or import in the UK and consult with our professional import my car service or customs broker for personalized guidance.

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