Vehicle transport from Germany to UK – Enclosed transport

Vehicle Transport from Germany to the UK using an enclosed trailer involves several steps.

Here a general guide Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited can support you with, but please note that specific requirements and procedures may vary, so it’s important to always check with us for relevant authorities and service providers changes.

We are always happy to provide a Quote so please Contact us at via email, website chat and WhatsApp to obtain a quote for vehicle transport.  

Provide us as with many details about your vehicle as possible, including its dimensions and weight; Gather all necessary documentation for your vehicle (Title, German registration, and any other relevant paperwork)

Verify if there are specific customs or import/export documents required for the vehicle transport, check that the vehicle was not previously imported and let us know the

To be able to schedule the vehicle transport and coordinate with you best prices and dates we will need to discuss the timeline and any specific requirements at the beginning of the vehicle transport booking.

We will need to have a full informative picture of your import/ export situation and documentation to be able to help you and make sure our transporter can complete the correct form for travel through different countries, for ferry, train, or shipping crossing.

We will complete any necessary customs declarations and pay any applicable duties or taxes on your behalf and ensure that your vehicle complies with UK regulations and standards.

Loading and Securing:  All our transporter is completing the VCR (Vehicle Condition Report) to ensure your vehicle condition are reported to you in real time before Vehicle Transport.

We will also take pictures to show you that the vehicle is properly loaded and secured within the enclosed trailer to prevent damage during transit.

Insurance:  we always encourage to take on your own insurance although all our transporter has the insurance coverage during transit. However, consider additional insurance if necessary. Upon arrival in the UK, we will notify the relevant customs authorities and coordinate any necessary inspections.

UK Customs Clearance: We will complete the customs clearance process in the UK; however, you must be aware that you could be eligible to paying any remaining duties or taxes.

Vehicle Registration and Compliance: If you required us to do so we will register your vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK.

Ensuring also that your vehicle complies with UK standards, including any necessary modifications with roadworthiness Test (MOT) and Standard Compliance test IVA.Once we obtained Registration V5C we will manufacture Plates and deliver the vehicle to you!

Stay informed about the latest regulations and requirements in both Germany and the UK to ensure a smooth and legal transport process for your vehicle. Working with our experienced professionals in vehicle transport can help streamline the process and mitigate potential challenges.

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