Vehicle transport UK to Hong Kong – Documentation Required

Shipping a vehicle from the UK to Hong Kong involves various stages, including the completion of specific documentation as it is crucial to comply with the regulations and requirements of both the UK and Hong Kong to ensure a smooth Vehicle transport process.

Documentation you might need when Transport a vehicle and Ship a vehicle to Hong Kong.

  1. Vehicle Documentation:

Title/Ownership Document: A clear title proving ownership of the vehicle.

Vehicle Registration: The vehicle’s registration document.

Insurance Certificate: Proof of valid insurance coverage.

  1. Customs Documentation:

Customs Declaration Form: Provide a completed customs declaration form for export from the UK.

Invoice or Bill of Sale: A document detailing the value of the vehicle.

  1. Vehicle Transport / UK Documents:

Bill of Lading: A document issued by the shipping company acknowledging receipt of the vehicle for shipment.

Booking Confirmation: Proof of your arrangement with the shipping company.

  1. Hong Kong Customs and Import Documents:

Import Permit: Check if an import permit is required by Hong Kong customs.

Hong Kong Customs Declaration Form: Complete the necessary customs declaration for importing the vehicle.

Vehicle Import License (if applicable): Some types of vehicles may require a specific import license.

  1. Vehicle transport /UK Compliance Documentation:

Certificate of Conformity (if applicable): Verify if your vehicle requires a Certificate of Conformity to comply with Hong Kong’s emission and safety standards.

  1. Identification and Personal Documentation:

Passport: A valid passport.

Hong Kong ID Card (if applicable): If you are a resident of Hong Kong, you may need to provide your Hong Kong ID card.

  1. Miscellaneous Documents:

Power of Attorney (if applicable): If someone else is handling the shipping process on your behalf.

Booking Confirmation with Shipping Details: Details of the shipping arrangements, including the vessel name, departure port, and expected arrival date in Hong Kong.

  1. Compliance with Hong Kong Roadworthiness Standards:

Vehicle Inspection Certificate: Ensure that your vehicle meets Hong Kong’s roadworthiness standards. This may require an inspection certificate.

It’s essential to consult with our TEAM at Trans Global Logistics UK Limited and customs authorities in both the UK and Hong Kong to confirm the specific documentation requirements for your particular situation.

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