Shipping a car overseas can seem daunting, but not to worry. We’ll explain the exact process allowing you make the best, most-informed decision. With over 30 years of experience in transporting vehicles, count on us for safe auto transport wherever your final destination may be.


When shipping a vehicle overseas, container ships and RORO ships are the most commonly used. Air transport is always the fastest solution, but it is also the most expensive. Container ships are what most people think of when they picture large shipping vessels. The bulk freight vessels carry containers up to 40 feet long. Each container can carry around 30 tons, making this the backbone of the international shipping industry.

RORO or “roll-on, roll-off” ships are essentially parking garages on ships. Each ship contains several decks that are designed to secure parked vehicles. Car container ships can use these containers to transport vehicles, but also are designed with decks that can secure parked vehicles. No matter your choice of shipping method, each process starts similarly.


  • Choosing A Licensed Logistics Company – The shipping process starts when you select a carrier that ships vehicles, then you can determine the right method depending on your budget and timeline.
  • Transport To Port – Before your vehicle can begin its overseas journey, it needs to make it onto the ship. If you are close enough, you can drop your car off at the port. If you live further away, you’ll need to contract with your logistics company to get the car to the port. Before your car is taken to the port, you will need to prep your vehicle.
  • Loading Your Vehicle – For RORO shipping, a representative of the carrier will drive your vehicle from a secure lot onto the ship and park it in a designated location. There, it will be secured to the deck. For container shipping, your vehicle is secured inside a steel shipping container. This container is then loaded onto the car container ship by a crane. Once the ship is loaded, the vessel gets underway toward its destination port.
A container ship, which is how cars are often shipped overseas.

When your car arrives

  • Unloading The Ship – Once your vehicle reaches its destination and is unloaded, it will need to clear customs. Customs requirements on imports vary by country, but an experienced shipping partner can help you understand the expectations of the authorities and how best to ensure there are no snags.
  • Picking Up– Once your car is cleared, if you are near the port you can opt to pick up. If not, your transportation partner can make arrangements to have your vehicle delivered to you. 


The most important aspect in shipping a vehicle is choosing an experienced shipping partner to help make the process seamless. With over 30 years of experience, Trans Global Logistics UK can help make your shipment as easy as possible. . Contact Trans Global Auto Logistics for a free vehicle shipping quote today.

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