It may seem daunting to move a single vehicle across the country or world, but Trans Global UK LTD has the resources to make sure your move is a breeze. We offer regular shipments to both Germany and Spain, providing the most economical, safe way to get your vehicle from point a to point b. Unlike ocean freight, these methods are slightly different.

As your go-to source for vehicle shipping, we have a wealth of experience in both types of transportation, and can help you understand what to expect when moving a single vehicle nationally, such as from one side of the contiguous United States to the other.


When shipping a single vehicle in the UK or Internationally, the first step is to determine the method to ship.

  • Open Transport – Generally more cost-effective, open transport involved loading your vehicle onto a flatbed trailer. It is then secured, possibly tarped, but otherwise exposed to the elements. open transport sees your vehicle loaded onto a flatbed trailer where it is secured.
  • Closed Transport – Single transport for your car in a closed container is generally more expensive, but provides more protection. Your vehicle is secured inside an enclosed trailer, keeping it out of the elements and hidden from potential vandals or thieves.


A car loaded onto a single-vehicle transport trailer


If you are looking to ship a classic car, you will definitely want to opt for not only closed transport, but also enlist the help of experts who possess the knowledge and skill to move your valuable classic car. Many classic cars require special attention when loading and unloading, so experience is a must-have. Choose an experienced provider who can also help you navigate purchasing additional insurance.


As expected, open transport is more affordable than closed. The type of vehicle you ship also factors into the cost. A small car will cost more than a full-sized SUV. This is due to the weight and estimated fuel costs associated with the transport.


The easiest way to get an accurate rate for your transport is to get an estimate from an auto logistics company you can count on. With over three decades of experience, we can walk you through the ins-and-outs of safe, efficient vehicle shipping. It all starts when you request a free quote. Our team will walk you through every step of the process, making the transport as easy as possible.



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