There are many reasons for shipping a car overseas. Relocating for a job, a new car purchase, holidays abroad or a military deployment are just a few of the most common ones. Shipping a car overseas doesn’t mean stacks of paperwork, documents, and hours of navigating through customs clearance. At Trans Global, we know the best and easiest way to ship a car overseas. As a leader in the shipping industry, we can help you ship your vehicle to its new destination.

Shipping your car overseas isn’t just about crossing a border or international waterway. You need to be aware that each country has individual requirements for importing vehicles. Some of the documents you should have ready are a few copies of a notarized title, a letter from the lien holder, a Shipper Export Declaration form, and a Declaration of Dangerous Goods form. Some countries require that your car pass certain emissions tests, running requirements or other inspections for contaminants when entering a new country. To not get stuck at customs make sure you have your paperwork in order or consider hiring a specialist in the area you’re shipping to, to help you navigate how to ship a car overseas.

Basic car inspection is necessary before departure. Check your fluids, battery charge and tires before loading your vehicle to its next destination. Accessories such as roof racks and hitches should be removed as should any personal items from your vehicle. It’s acceptable to have about a quarter tank of fuel in your car and your spare tire handy in case of any unforeseen events, but other items should be taken out. Remember to also clean your vehicle before shipping.

Not every insurance policy covers overseas shipping, please check with your insurance provider prior to shipping. In the case of the journey not being covered you can add additional shipping insurance. Simply call your insurance agent and ask them how. To ship a car overseas safely, make sure you request an add-on to your insurance. Ask our agents about additional information.

It’s important to thoroughly inspect your vehicle for prior damage, scratches, and dents. Take as many photographs of your vehicle as possible from all angles as a proof. If any damage occurs in transit, you can quickly make a claim and have the documented proof you need. Although damage is unlikely, it’s better to cover your bases before shipping a car overseas.

The cost of shipping a car overseas can vary widely depending on the type of vehicle and the requirements of the destination country. Knowing how to ship a car overseas efficiently means considering your preferred method of shipment. Shipping via sea tends to be the most economical but it can take longer. If you’re on a tight deadline or making a quick move, air may end up being your most likely option for transport.

Speak with our Agents to find out more about the shipping process. Consult a specialist at Trans Global Logistics for a shipping quote or more advice on vehicle transport.

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