The Importance of Marine Insurance

The ocean is an unpredictable force. It is also the most often used method of car, boat, and heavy machinery transportation as well as the most affordable option. When shipping a car, especially on water, there is a risk of the vehicle being damaged. As a Shipping Company we put a lot of work and effort to make sure your vehicle is safe from the moment you book with us, we do everything in our power to minimize the risk and make sure your prized possession arrives at the destination in a perfect condition. However, shipping a vehicle is a complex process and taking out Marine Insurance is an essential step when transporting your vehicle from point A to point B on water.

Marine Insurance is an important protection against physical damage of any kind, that could happen to your vehicle during water shipping. With Marine Insurance you don’t have to worry about the rough seas’ conditions, unpredictable storms, and collisions, that although rare, still can happen. With good insurance your vehicle is being protected from the damage that can occur when loading and unloading your car at the port as well as in the instance of a car theft.

Taking out Marine Insurance will guarantee you a peace of mind when shipping your vehicle.

It’s important to find out the best Marine Insurance for you. Speak with our Customers Services to find out more about Marine Insurance and why it is an essential part of Shipping your vehicle on water.

The first reason is protection against theft: Marine insurance also covers theft of the car during shipping. This is important because cars are valuable assets, and theft can occur at any stage of the shipping process, from loading to unloading, especially for Classic Cars.

Another important reason is the peace of mind: Knowing that your car is protected by marine insurance can give you peace of mind when shipping it by water. You can relax and enjoy the shipping process, knowing that your investment is protected.

Taking out marine insurance when shipping a car by water is essential to protect your investment and ensure a stress-free shipping process. Speak to our Customer Service Agents today to find out more about the importance of Marine Insurance. With marine insurance in place, you can be confident that your car will arrive safely at its destination, and if anything goes wrong, you will be protected.

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