Import a Car to Albania

Albania’s regulations and procedures when you import a car, and any vehicles may have changed in these recent years due to different geopolitical changes so it’s crucial to verify the latest information with official sources or consult with our company as a professional shipping service.

Here some typical rules and requirements to ship & import a car to Albania (a non-EU member)

  1. Customs Clearance: All vehicles entering Albania must go through customs clearance. Ensure that you have the necessary documentation for customs purposes.
  2. Vehicle Documentation:
  • Original Vehicle Title and Registration: Provide the original documents proving ownership and registration of the vehicle.
  • Bill of Sale or Invoice: A document indicating the value of the vehicle.
  • Customs Declaration Form: Complete a customs declaration form for the vehicle.
  1. Import Regulations

Verify Albania’s specific regulations regarding import a car. These regulations may include restrictions based on the vehicle’s age, emissions standards, and other factors.

  1. Emissions and Safety Standards:

Citizens who plan to import a car or those, who want to bring their car when moving to Albania, must check the vehicle’s emission standards. A car must meet certain standards Euro emission standards before being registered in Albania, the General Directorate of Road Transport Services authority highlighted that a vehicle cannot be imported/ registered in Albania if it doesn’t meet the emission standards as stated below.

Euro 5 emission standard or higher only for: Brand new cars with zero kilometres that have never been registered before in any country.

Vehicles such as buses and passenger vehicles (ATP, ATV, APV) of categories M2 and N1 with zero kilometres that have never been registered before in any country.

Euro 4 emission standard or higher for: Used cars that have been registered before in another country.

Euro 3 emission standard or higher but not older than 15 years for:

Used vehicles such as buses and passenger vehicles (ATP, ATV, APV) of categories M2 and N1 manufactured no longer than 15 years before registration in Albania that were registered before in another country and meet the Euro 3 emission standard.

Also, the road authority explains that the last chance to register a vehicle manufactured in 2007 is December 31st, 2022.

Ensure that your vehicle complies with Albania’s emissions and safety standards. Some modifications may be necessary.

  1. Taxes and Duties: Check and pay any applicable import duties, taxes, and fees. The rates may vary based on the vehicle’s value and other factors.
  2. Vehicle Inspection: Some countries require a vehicle inspection when you import a car. Confirm whether Albania mandates an inspection for your vehicle import and vehicle transport.
  3. Temporary Importation: If you plan to bring the vehicle into Albania temporarily, check the specific rules and duration allowed for temporary importation.
  4. Registering the Vehicle in Albania: Once the vehicle has cleared customs, you may need to register it with the relevant local authorities.
  5. Driving Permits: Check if you need a temporary or permanent driving permit for your vehicle in Albania.

We can provide guidance on the specific requirements and help facilitate the process.

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