Import my Car: EV VEHICLES

There has been an increased EV vehicles import in these last years and when I was searching to ‘Import my car related shipments suggestion I have found many controversial and confusing information.

To start with before I can Import my car – EV I need to confirm if my Vehicle will comply with the UK IMPORT Eligibility:

I need to ensure that my electric vehicle complies with UK regulations, including safety and emissions standards. Verify eligibility based on the vehicle’s type, age, and specifications.

I was also told that after I Import my Car to apply for an IVA test, the DVSA require a statement from the manufacturer that must be specific to the exact VIN of the vehicle you are importing, proving that the car complies with electric safety EU directive ‘ECE Reg. 100.01’.

I then discover that some manufacturer or vehicles, depending on where I import my car EV vehicle form can offer me this ECE with more facilitations than other countries

When decided to import my car, especially an Electric one, also required special documentation and approval from the shipping carrier as all shipment are different.

To import my car, I would need Vehicle Title and Registration, Original documents proving owner, Invoice or Bill of Sale

I will also have to find an Agent that will follow the Import My Car Customs Declaration Form: and complete a customs declaration form for the importation of the electric vehicle.

If from Europe, to import my car, I will need a Certificate of Conformity (COC): If available, this document certifies that the vehicle meets European Union (EU) standards.

If not from Europe I will still need to receive a Manufacture Compliance to the EC form manufacture to be able to comply to UK regulations.

To import my Car in the UK I will also need to complete any necessary customs procedures in the country of origin (where the electric vehicle is being shipped from).

Complete customs clearance procedures upon the electric vehicle’s arrival in the UK.

Pay any import duties or taxes imposed by UK customs.

 Ensure that your electric vehicle complies with UK safety and emissions standards. Some modifications may be necessary.

After I Import my Car in the UK, I will also Need to Register the Electric Vehicle in the UK with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Always check the latest regulations and requirements from the UK government and customs authorities to ensure a smooth and legal importation process for your electric vehicle.

 Working with experienced professionals in vehicle transport and customs clearance can help streamline the process and avoid potential challenges.

Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited , international Shipping & Logistics company with 30 years of experience, will be able to offers several services for your Vehicle Transport / Customs Clearance/ Import and UK Vehicle Registration to confidently support your Vehicle Customs Clearance in the UK.

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