Ship a car to Italy!

Going on Holiday or Moving to Italy?? Then Ship a Car in the Bel Paese!!
At Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited we are well versed in ship a car, any car, to the Bel Paese as we have agents in all main cities ports that can help the smooth process of Ship a Car internationally!
We Ship a Car from anywhere in the World to Italy for you to enjoy the upcoming summer season where you can benefit from our ‘’ FLY Drive’’ service to Italy and back enjoying the beautiful Riviera.
We will arrange collection at your door, prepare all Documentation to Ship a Car internationally, and make sure to check all Import Regulations for you.
Regulations may include emission standards, safety requirements, and documentation specifications.
Next day RUSH …. NO PROBLEM we can ship a car very rapidly … by airfreight.
A little more costly but we understand that some customer may need their loved car with them in shorth time or for a short period of time. So, Time is the essence!
If we have enough time to organise the journey, we can organise a RORO or Container Shipment, that undoubtedly will be less expensive than Ship a Car with airfreight however … little longer and more laborious in term of documentation and organization.
Our Team will collect all necessary documents, including:
Vehicle Title and Registration. Original documents proving ownership and registration of the vehicle.
Bill of Sale or Invoice: A document indicating the value of the vehicle.
Customs Declaration Form: Complete a customs declaration form for the importation of the vehicle.

We will also help you to check Import Duties and Taxes as when you Ship a car you may be subject to import duties and taxes. The rates may vary based on the value of the vehicle.
Our expert team in UK Export in collaboration with our office in Italy will coordinate with the shipping company to schedule the pickup of your vehicle and its delivery to Italy.
Confirm the shipping schedule, including departure and arrival dates.
Please do remember to confirm the insurance coverage with us as when Ship a Car we always recommend extra insurance.
So, at this point the Process to Ship a Car is almost completed. Our Import office in Italy will complete any necessary customs Pay any export duties or taxes.
Vessel is ready!
We can also help you REGISTER your vehicle in Italy and ensure that your vehicle complies with Italian safety and emissions standards. Some modifications may be necessary.
Once the vehicle has cleared customs and complied with Italian standards, register it with the local Motorizzazione Civile (Vehicle Registration Office) to Roadworthiness Test (if required):as some vehicles may need to undergo a roadworthiness test (revision) in Italy to ensure they meet local safety standards. We will then obtain Italian License Plates for your vehicle.
If you move there all is applicable if you Fly Drive only for a month then all registration process is not applicable but only the Ship a Car part will apply.
Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited is expert in shipping, temporary or permanent import registration and Customs Clearances.
Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited , international Shipping & Logistics company with 30 years of experience, will be able to offers several services for your Vehicle Transport / Customs Clearance/ Import and UK Vehicle Registration to confidently support your Vehicle Customs Clerance in the UK.
Contact us at Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited – – phone 07833 410 281

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