Rome The ‘’ Eternal City’’ ….It’s easy to see why Rome’s one of the most-visited places on the planet!

There’s history everywhere (the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the list goes on), sculptural masterpieces in almost every piazza, and—of course—ridiculously good food. Every trip could feel like a whirlwind, but slow down and you’ll discover lots of surprise.

But what if you don’t just go for Holiday and move to this beautiful City and must transfer residence there?

I was asked to move last year, and all was a whirlwind of thing to do including …. import my car!

I had to check the import Regulations to ensure that when import my car was going to be an easy process and that my car met the Italian import requirements, including emissions standards, safety regulations, and vehicle eligibility criteria.

The most difficult thing of import my car was collecting all necessary documents, including the Vehicle Title and Registration making sure that when I import my car, I had original documents proving ownership and registration of the car.

Also I had to look for my invoice and Bill of Sale as to import my car I need a document indicating the value of the car.

I did not have a Certificate of Conformity (COC) which made things a little difficult…as this certifies that the vehicle meets European Union (EU) standards.

To import my car, I need to understand also about Customs Declaration Form and Complete a customs declaration form for the importation of the car.

To import my car, I was asked by my shipping company, Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited,  to decide on the shipping method, such as container shipping or Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) choose a reputable international shipping company experienced in transporting vehicles to Italy.

Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited was also very supporting when I import my car in completing customs clearance procedures upon the car’s arrival in Italy. I had to pay the applicable import duties, VAT (Value Added Tax), or other fees imposed by Italian customs.

And finally, when import my car I had to Register the Car and Pay any vehicle tax (Imposta di Bollo) required for registering the car in Italy. The amount varies depending on the car’s specifications.

Acquire Italian license plates for your car. You’ll need to submit the required documentation to the local Motorizzazione Civile (Department of Motor Vehicles).

Roadworthiness Test (Revisione) – Schedule a mandatory roadworthiness test (Revisione) for your car. This test ensures the car meets safety and emissions standards.

 Purchase car insurance from an Italian insurance provider. Third-party liability insurance (Assicurazione Responsabilità Civile) is mandatory in Italy.

 Certain vehicle types, such as vintage or collector cars, may have specific import requirements or eligibility criteria and mine was one of them! So, when I Import my Car I had to make sure all was in line with the Italian requirements and regulations for importing a car.

Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited , international Shipping & Logistics company with 30 years of experience, will be able to offers several services for your Vehicle Transport / Customs Clearance/ Import and UK Vehicle Registration to confidently support your Vehicle Customs Clerance in the UK.

Contact us at Trans Global Logistics Uk Limited – – phone 07833 410 281

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