Outward Processing – Customs Clearance

Outward Processing is a form of customs clearance regime, to which goods can be temporarily exported with the intention of reimport once the work has been completed.

When the goods have been repaired and are ready for re-importation, we will then use the Inward Processing declaration to advise HMRC that the goods have undergone their processes and are returning to the country of export.

This will be the customs clearance process called Inward and Outward Processing declaration service.

This customs clearance procedure has different levels of authorisation. To qualify for simplified Outward Processing authorisation, the vehicle must be below £500,000.00, the process of repair is not deemed to be a major repair and is likely to take less than a six-month period to complete the repair, if these requirements are not met, will need to apply for full Outward Processing Authorization for the customs clearance.

To apply for Full Outward Processing Authorisation, you will need to write a letter to UK Customs advising them of the goods you are wishing to export, the value and timescale of how long this work will take to complete. This must be completed by the shipper, before you apply, you must check if you require an import license for the goods to the country of import for the repairs. The application must be approved before the shipment process begins. Your customs agent will then be able to process the customs clearance as Full Outward Processing Authorisation.


Some Cargo will require a license for export, you will need to provide the following documents to your customs clearance agent so they can check if a license is required:

  • A Commercial Invoice for the goods
  • The Commodity Code
  • The destination for the goods
  • The intended use


When it comes to exporting and re-importing the unit it is essential we use the correct Procedure Codes to identify the reason for export and re-import as it communicates to customs what regime the goods are being entered to. As explained above, the goods will be exported on Full Outward Processing Authorisation, therefore we will use Procedure Code 21 00 000, which is Outward Processing Full Authorisation. For the re-import of the goods, we will need to make sure we use Procedure Code 61 21 which is the Re-import of Outward Processing goods.

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