Importing a Classic Car

When you consider to Import My Car from South Africa to United Kingdom, especially if it’s a classic car then its worthwhile considering using a container for transportation from South Africa to United Kingdom. You can arrange shipment in a Consolidated Container which means your vehicle will be shipped with other owners in the same container, each vehicle will have its own Bill of Lading. The vehicles are carefully loaded on ramps and secured in order that there is no movement in transit. By using a container this adds additional protection especially for valuable vehicles, in order to avoid any scratches , dents etc which may occur when using other types of shipping.

To Import My Car in a container, you should always insure the vehicle with Marine Insurance in case of damages or total loss. By using container shipping when you decide to Import My Car it is very useful when the vehicle is a non-runner, as the vehicle can be pushed into the container if necessary. On arrival in the United Kingdom the vehicle will be unpacked from the container and delivered to its final destination. This method of shipping is also very good for supercars which have a very low ground clearance as they can be loaded safely into containers.

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