When considering options to SHIP A CAR to the United States, there is a multitude of options from RORO to Containers. One of the most widely used options is a RORO carrier to SHIP A CAR to the United States. RORO vessels are colossal ships with multiple levels of parking space for cargo. Your vehicle will be carefully driven onto the vessel and secured for transit. RORO is cost-effective and reliable to SHIP A CAR to the US, and transit time is swift.

To SHIP A CAR to the US, you should always take out Marine Insurance for your vehicle in case the vehicle is damaged in transit, to ensure you’re covered for damages and total loss. RORO is also another option for non-running vehicles, although the usual method to load vehicles onto a RORO vessel is to drive them, as long as they have a tow hitch, working steering, brakes and hand brake, the vehicle can be towed onto the vessel. This provides another option for those looking to keep costs to a minimum to SHIP A CAR to the US. On arrival in the US, the vessel will be unloaded and customs clearance procedures will commence, vehicles are usually ready to collect 3-5 working days after their arrival.

All sizes of cars can be shipped from small to large vans, and even larger machinery, cranes and boats

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