Door-to-door shipping services are exactly what it sounds like. When shipping a vehicle or other cargo, your goods are taken from your home (or preferred location) and delivered directly to the destination. . Door-to-door freight is perfect when moving across the country, exporting a vehicle internationally, or moving your household to the other side of the world for a PCS.


Door-to-door shipping services, in some instances, may not exactly mean door-to-door. Certain countries have regulations depending on the cargo. However, the goal is to always get your cargo as close to “door to door” as possible.


When considering door-to-door freight, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if it’s the right service for you:

  • Your Freight Will Receive Less Handling — One of the reasons this type of shipping is so popular for those needing to move a vehicle is that once loaded, the vehicle is not unloaded until the destination. The safest place for a vehicle in shipping, whether it be a motorhome, boat, or classic car, is secured properly as cargo. It’s most at risk when being moved outside of its secured space, so minimizing that time to only the initial loading and final unloading is the safest option.
  • It Doesn’t Always Mean Door-To-Door — While you may want your door-to-door shipping services to deliver directly to your door, that isn’t always possible. In some cases, the cargo may not allow for safe unloading on a residential street, such as with larger boats that should be delivered to a marina. In others, the neighborhood itself may not be designed or allow large trucks onto the residential streets. In these cases, a local landmark, parking lot, or warehouse will need to be an arranged delivery site.
  • It Is Perfect For Transporting Large Freight Loads Long Distances — While interstate moves may be easier with a moving van and car trailer, longer moves make it more affordable, convenient, and oftentimes safer to arrange door-to-door delivery services. By working with trained professionals — especially when import/export laws are involved — you’re placing your property in trustworthy hands. They have the right equipment to safely secure your property, the experience transporting your load in a safe manner to its destination, and the know-how to properly deliver it to you when and where you need it.
  • It Can Cost More, But May Be Worth It — With the specialized experience door-to-door freight services offer, freight companies usually have increased fuel, personnel, and materials costs that are passed on to the customer. The results, however, speak for themselves, and a professional company works to both minimize your costs and the risks to your property. Contracting leading door-to-door delivery services helps lower the chances you will be left with damaged goods or fighting with an insurance company.

Shipping containers loaded for transport to their destination.


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