Year: 2021

Container Shipping for Smaller Loads: How to use LCL shipping to save money.

Need to ship freight, but don’t have a full container load? We have a solution to save you time and money without sacrificing safety or quality. Cargo consolidation is much like it seems. LCL shipping or less-than-container-load shipping means your cargo is shipped in a secure container, but it’s combined with other shipments. LCL Shipping […]

Pre-purchase Inspections: Do this before buying a classic car.

Did you find the perfect 1950s hot rod but it’s in the states? Eyeing that vintage BMW in Germany? If you’re planning on buying a classic car, then you already know it’s an investment. Pristine craftsmanship from years passed and a collectable that will only gain value in time—that’s the hope at least, but how […]

OVERBOARD: Why Marine Insurance is a Must

Shipping your vehicle to a foreign country can be a stressful experience. Between Brexit, selecting a company, and preparing—you may feel overwhelmed. However, Trans Global Auto Logistics UK LTD can help you with every step of the process, including Marine Insurance. You may be thinking that Marine Insurance is an unnecessary expense- but the below […]


Exploring an unknown country on your motorcycle can be the ultimate adventure. When traveling or moving internationally, you may opt to leave your bike behind, but with our help- you can look forward to new experiences in new places with your trusted bike. There are a few things you should do to prepare for shipping […]

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